Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week of 4th of July, 2013. Vacation, at last.

July 1st.  I drove over this portion of the New River on my way to drop mom off in Independence, VA on Saturday.  It looked like such fun, and Keith loves to canoe, so we trekked over (less than an hour) to this access, just past the New River State Park.  Note:  The chalet sits on a portion of the New River called the Middle Fork of the South Fork of the New River. 
The view downstream.  The river showed signs of the recent heavy rains, but was incredibly peaceful.  We did the 3.5 mile trip. 

The view upstream.

A slow day...Bad for them, but great for us!

June 29.  The beds are bursting!  The rose campion is an explosion of fuscia, and the day lilies are soon to make their debut. 

June 29.  Still trying to pull the guest bedroom together....Found this mirror at Curiosity last weekend, and finally brought the white metal headboard up this trip. 
July 2. Valle Crucis.  Took Marguerite and Barbara to see the Mast General Store on our way to antique shop in Elk Park.

Keith and Marguerite.  Barrels of candy.  A dangerous combination.
July 2,  On our way back from Elk Park we stopped off at this overlook on 221. 
The freshly painted phone booth and the newly installed purple butterfly bush.  We finished this the weekend before last, as it was on our list to do during the community work week, but got rained out.