Friday, December 6, 2013

Small House is Beautiful

I discovered this video trailer for a documentary in the works called Small House is Beautiful, which explores the tiny house movement.  The folks behind the film appear to be actively raising funds to complete the project.  As the owner of a small house, that I plan to someday make my full time residence, I am captivated by the movement and look forward to seeing what becomes of this film. Perhaps some progressive city planners and elected officials would see value in encouraging the development of more small and affordable housing, especially given the demand that is clearly out there.  You only have to see what's happened in Ocean Springs, MS in the wake of Katrina to see the possibilities.   

Okay, now for some eye candy...I had to include this photo of a small house I found on the Tiny House Blog that I MUST see in person someday. It's precious!

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  1. This little house is in the 1000 Islands area of the St Lawrence River. It sits directly across the river from Alexandria Bay, NY.