Friday, December 27, 2013

Table Rock Mountain Hike - September '13

Keith and I were in Blowing Rock one weekend in September, and decided to check out Table Rock Mountain, which is located on the other side of Linville, just south of Crossnore. (Roughly an hour and 20 minutes from the chalet). On that particular day the weather was one of those amazing fall mountain days that fully engages your senses, and beckons you to bask in the glory of nature's splendor.  Needless to say, we basked unaware that my father would pass away just 19 days later following a difficult year with lung cancer.

The funeral services were in Las Vegas, and we all arrived in staggered fashion in the days leading up to the services.  It was good to have that time with my brothers & sister before and after the services, because our father did not make it easy for people to care for him, let alone show him our love and affection.  My siblings and I all had complex relationships with our father, but I'm pleased to say we share a closeness that I truly believe will weather time.  If this post comes across as lachrymose, that was not the original intent, he just came into my mind as I was writing, and upon reflection realized how soon after these photos were taken, he would no longer be here. 

On a sunnier note, here are a few snaps from our hike up Table Rock Mountain:

The view of Table Rock from the parking lot.

The view along the way.

View from the summit.

I'm so rarely in front of the camera, so I thought it was about time...

So sad to see this vestige of a once beautiful tree having succumbed to the woolly adelgid, a non-native insect from China that is slowly killing these beautiful evergreens.  From this vantage point you can really see how pervasive the problem is.  

That same day we met up with friends Kim & Steve and another couple at the Todd General Store for dinner, and Bluegrass.  I snapped this barn along the way.

Inside the Todd General Store.

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