Thursday, December 12, 2013

A-frame fascination...

It must be the cold weather that has me thinking about sunny beachside A-frames this morning, as I once again allow the high 20 degree temperatures to delay a run outdoors.  Tomorrow, darn it, tomorrow!  I promise..Now, check out this little beauty on Holden Beach right here in NC.  It is cute as a button, don't you agree??  Would love to see the inside...
And for a little nostalgia...Check out the images for the A-frame play house & Fisher-Price A-frame toy set I found on Hatch, the blog for  

An a-frame at Holden Beach.  I suppose this is what the beach version of the Riverwood Chalet might look like nestled among sand dunes instead of perched along a roaring river flanked by river birches, at an elevation of 3,600 feet.   

OMG!  The playhouse version!  I'm sure I've seen one of these as a young'un growing up in New England.  Precious!

I recall being quite envious of my childhood neighbor's at the time (Lisa & David), who seemed to have every possible FP toy available in the early 70's.  They MUST have had the A-frame in their collection.  Gotta have one!

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