Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loan approved!

Okay, so the excitement really is starting to build.  We received word last evening that our loan was approved.  We weren't concerned it would not be, but for some reason just hearing those words bring some degree of relief.  This means all that's left to do is close.  This is a good feeling.
Just thought I'd include one of the photos I snapped during the weekend we placed our offer.  It had obviously snowed a few days prior to our arrival, leaving a light blanket on everything.  We had all (the mom's, Keith and I) walked to the common area to nose around when I took this shot upstream.  Lovely day, and view.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Appraisal done.

Found the appraisal in my in-box this morning. Thumbs up all the way as far as we can tell. Since our lender does not require a traditional appraisal, instead accepting what is termed a drive-by appraisal, it did not include an assessment of value. According to Tim, our mortgage broker at America Select Mortgage (walks on water, by the way)-- these drive-by appraisals are rare. We're assuming it has to do with the uniqueness of property, not that we have any special credit halo or anything.

Also, on Friday I signed off on the insurance policies (flood & hazard). Things moving along briskly.

The anticipation is getting to us. However, we were talking last night, that it's not nearly as bad for me as when we bought Oakwood. Talk about a bundle of nerves. I was off the chain. This time Keith is much worse with nervous anticipation, than I. Just 13 days to close.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We close February 17th!

This picture was taken some time this summer, long before we laid eyes on it.  This is the image we have to look forward to this spring and summer.

Paul & Rick join us for a look-see and overnighter

We took a road trip with our good friends, Paul & Rick on January 21st to visit the house, now that we had it under contract.  As sweet as they are, they did all the driving, and indulged our excitement like true friends.  We enjoyed lunch at Six Pence Pub, spent the night at the LQuinta in Boone, and had a good ol' time.   

Rick, Keith, Paul and me (behind the camera) looking upstream.

Upstream with Riverwood on the far right.

The double balconies.  The upper is off the master bedroom, and the lower off the den.  We plan to sit here for hours...

The loft.

The open concept, living-dining-kitchen area looking toward the front door.  

The view upstream from the upper balcony, with Barbara's balconies to the right.

The dining-kitchen area looking back toward the master bedroom.  Bathroom is behind the kitchen, and the spiral staircase to lower level is just past the refrigerator on the left.  Ikea furniture to remain with the property, so we have little jump on outfitting the place.

I think we are beaming.  

Swiss Chalet dinnerware

I was surfing for dinnerware with an alpine motif, when I came across this pattern call Swiss Chalet.  It was produced by the Marcrest company in the 50's and 60's, and sold mostly at grocery stores, drive-in theaters and gas stations.  The pattern was discontinued in the 60's.  Keith began cobbling together pieces of the set online, when he stumbled upon what appears to be a pristine set in an antique store in Kentucky. Two phone calls and one charge later - it was packed and on its way to us. 

This set is going to be such a nice addition to our little 70's chalet.

All 96 pieces including matching glassware.

It's so wonderfully retro, and perfect for our little Swiss Chalet and certainly fulfills my love of 50's & 60's kitsch.

Chalet sign is ordered...and on the way

We learned that it is the norm, not the exception that homes in Blowing Rock are named by their owners.  This proved to be somewhat challenging for us, and now realize how difficult naming children must be.  Our friend Paul suggested we tie the name of our home in Durham to our mountain home.  Since we live on Oakwood Avenue, we started with the word "wood" in a nod toward the woodsy backdrop of the house.  It seemed obvious there should be some mention of water in the name, given the house sits on a river, hence the name "Riverwood".  Though quite simple, we ran through several iterations of the name before settling on this one.  To seal the deal, we ordered the cabin sign to make it official - and prevent us from reconsidering the name once again.

Here is where I found the cool house sign online.  It is laser cut, and the one I ordered is 10"x16" on cedar with a painted forest green background, with bark brown frame that will look much like this one.

We've often seen these signs, where the homeowners include the city and state from which they hail.  Given our strong Durham pride, we thought it only right to include on our sign.  The house wase built the year Keith was born, so commemorating the construction year seemed a no-brainer.   

With the moms, we return for another look...

Exactly one week later (January 14), we return with the moms for a second look.  We place our offer, and to our delight Keith's mom Barbara places an offer on the unit next door.  We return home, and officially go under contract on January 16.  Woohoo!

Here's some pictures we managed to find online of the house and neighboring units.

454 Roaring River Drive.  We think the picture was taken in the early 2000's.    You can see this was taken before the spiral staircase and loft additions were completed.
Our home is farthest to the left.  Picture date, unknown.
Looking upstream.  Ours is first to the right.  Picture date, unknown.

Barbara's unit, #448.  Ours is pictured to the left.

Keith and Barbara in her unit.

Love at first site!

Saturday, January 7, 2012.  We drive up to Blowing Rock to see a few properties, including this one located on the Middle Fork River. Needless to say, we fell in love instantly!

454 Roaring River Drive  Blowing Rock, NC.