Sunday, February 5, 2012

Swiss Chalet dinnerware

I was surfing for dinnerware with an alpine motif, when I came across this pattern call Swiss Chalet.  It was produced by the Marcrest company in the 50's and 60's, and sold mostly at grocery stores, drive-in theaters and gas stations.  The pattern was discontinued in the 60's.  Keith began cobbling together pieces of the set online, when he stumbled upon what appears to be a pristine set in an antique store in Kentucky. Two phone calls and one charge later - it was packed and on its way to us. 

This set is going to be such a nice addition to our little 70's chalet.

All 96 pieces including matching glassware.

It's so wonderfully retro, and perfect for our little Swiss Chalet and certainly fulfills my love of 50's & 60's kitsch.


  1. @liz Ain't it precious??!! Can't wait to have you up, and serve you french toast on these.