Monday, February 6, 2012

Appraisal done.

Found the appraisal in my in-box this morning. Thumbs up all the way as far as we can tell. Since our lender does not require a traditional appraisal, instead accepting what is termed a drive-by appraisal, it did not include an assessment of value. According to Tim, our mortgage broker at America Select Mortgage (walks on water, by the way)-- these drive-by appraisals are rare. We're assuming it has to do with the uniqueness of property, not that we have any special credit halo or anything.

Also, on Friday I signed off on the insurance policies (flood & hazard). Things moving along briskly.

The anticipation is getting to us. However, we were talking last night, that it's not nearly as bad for me as when we bought Oakwood. Talk about a bundle of nerves. I was off the chain. This time Keith is much worse with nervous anticipation, than I. Just 13 days to close.

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