Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chalet sign is ordered...and on the way

We learned that it is the norm, not the exception that homes in Blowing Rock are named by their owners.  This proved to be somewhat challenging for us, and now realize how difficult naming children must be.  Our friend Paul suggested we tie the name of our home in Durham to our mountain home.  Since we live on Oakwood Avenue, we started with the word "wood" in a nod toward the woodsy backdrop of the house.  It seemed obvious there should be some mention of water in the name, given the house sits on a river, hence the name "Riverwood".  Though quite simple, we ran through several iterations of the name before settling on this one.  To seal the deal, we ordered the cabin sign to make it official - and prevent us from reconsidering the name once again.

Here is where I found the cool house sign online.  It is laser cut, and the one I ordered is 10"x16" on cedar with a painted forest green background, with bark brown frame that will look much like this one.

We've often seen these signs, where the homeowners include the city and state from which they hail.  Given our strong Durham pride, we thought it only right to include on our sign.  The house wase built the year Keith was born, so commemorating the construction year seemed a no-brainer.   


  1. Out of curiosity, why the reference to Durham and not Blowing Rock? I do understand the tie-in to Durham.

  2. @Rick I understand that often cabin signs make reference to the primary residence of the homeowners, so we followed suit. Plus given our Durham pride it only seemed right (smile).