Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Riverwood!

Wow!  It was 12 months ago this month, that we closed on Riverwood.  I guess you could say I'm celebrating with an anniversary post.  Truth is, 2012 was such a whirlwind year for us, and I don't feel compelled to relive any of it here.  Suffice it to say, we welcomed 2013 with hearts a little bruised, but hopeful once again. 

I can say that we used the chalet as often as we had hoped, especially in the height of the summer when temperatures in Durham topped 100+ degrees.  Most weekends we hightailed it out of town, happily watching the car temperature gauge slowly tick downwards with each mile closer to Blowing Rock. 

2012 found me using my camera more, and have since amassed many photographs over the course of the 12 months that we've owned Riverwood.  I've included a handful here for your viewing pleasure. 

Thanks for a year's worth of delicious memories.  Happy anniversary, Riverwood!

Riverwood Chalet.  Summer, 2012.

Master bedroom.

Living. Dining. Kitchen.  Loft above.

Easter, 2012.  Linville Gorge hike.

January, 2013.  Sisters & cousins, post wine tasting.

Me & Jackie.  May, 2012.

Weekend with Nicole.  June, 2012.

Riverwood from the river.

View upstream from common area.

The lushness of spring.  May, 2012.

Three sisters.

Boone Farmers Market.  October, 2012.

Keith & his mom pick apples.  Oct., 2012.

Winter descends on Roaring River Chalets.  Jan., 2013.

Riverwood under snow.  Jan., 2013.

Yah, but how cold does it feel??

Upper balconies in snow.

Cozy by the fire.  Jan., 2013.

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