Monday, April 15, 2013

April at the Chalet

We were up for the weekend, for the first (and last) homeowners meeting of the year.  We made some plans for the year, to include two community clean up days for the common areas, elected a new president...Keith!, received our new gate remotes, and oohed and aahed over the new electric gate at the entrance to the village, reviewed how the pump house & well house operate, and discussed general HOA topics.  All is well at the Roaring River Chalets. 

Aunt Mamie had been visiting Margeurite in Jacksonville, and all decided to take a trip up to Blowing Rock for several days.  We were disappointed we could only join them for a few of those days.  Needless to say, we had a great time, and Keith and I are already talking about a trip to New York next spring. 

Below are a few snaps from the weekend.   
We stopped for a quick snapshot before ambling through the gift shop at Moses Cone with Aunt Mamie, visiting from upstate New York.  We followed a little retail distraction with a 2.3 mile walk down the trail to Bass Lake.  We started at an elevation of about 4,000 feet at the Moses Cone Mansion, to the lake which was just under a 3,700 feet elevation  Keith and I left Barbara and Mamie, and hiked back up to retrieve the car, and drove down to the lake to pick them up.  Excellent hike!

After an almost meditative hike, we returned back to the Cone Mansion.  The day was superb.

This stand of trees to the right of the mansion caught my attention.  They appeared like soldiers at the ready, and with their long shadows I felt part of the infantry.

The road just in front of the mansion which led us to the gravel pathway that took us to the lake.

What can I say?  I love the nakedness of the trees before they leaf out.  They are vulnerable, and statuesque.

Back at the chalet, pittering in the beds, exploring for signs of last summer.  Barbara, Margeurite and Keith (three generations of gardening expertise).
Upon our return from a quick run to the store for new mulch for the beds, we found sisters Margeurite (Keith's grandma) and aunt Mamie sunbathing. 

Left to Right.  Grandma, aunt Mamie, Barbara & Keith.  Three generations.

Riverwood after a little spring clean in the yard, and new mulch in the beds...Preparing for three more season of enjoyment. 

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  1. this web page is delightful, the writing, the mountain home, the details of making it a second home, the family, the photos of the area, industrious and low key. thank you for a grand tour.